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Slow Sale? Considerations for Houses that Aren’t Selling!

Here and there a house goes up for sale in a fairly active market, however, it just sits there. Possibly the house down the neighborhood says “SOLD,” but your home just doesn’t want to sell.

Being in this industry for a while, I've had my own experience as a listing agent dealing with houses that just won’t sell - the answer to why it wouldn’t sell was right in front of me, informing my clients what to consider whether any of these factors might be throwing a wrench in the works.


A Lack Of Curb Appeal

If your kitchen renovation or refinished basement aren’t bringing the buyer to your door, you might want to re-think that the problem might lie beyond the threshold. I can't stress this enough to my client’s no matter how attractive your home is from the inside, the front is the first thing anyone sees when they view your property online, or personally during a showing; At times properties looked unkempt or unappealing, which many potential buyers were usually less likely to continue pursuing the listing.

Times like this it would be best for a change: repaint chipped or stained porches and foundations, think about bright, cheerful color on the front door like adding few potted flowers.


Your Unique Style

The truth is, many unique homes take longer to sell, especially if there are unusual tastes made in more permanent features like kitchen cupboards, bathroom tile, or wall coverings. Keep in mind the best strategy for a faster sale is to make your property appealing keeping it fairly neutral.


The Price That's Just Right.

Many times I’ve come across client’s where they have huge expectations of how much their home is worth... in other words the price.

It not an easy thing to accept, but sometimes a home lingers on the market because it’s overpriced. Majority of my clients tell me “We have a pool”, “extra bedroom,” or heated floors?” Well, a majority of buyers go by there wish lists in order to get a better price, than to feel that they’re overpaying for everything they want. Always note that no matter how much money you’ve put into the house or how valuable you believe that it is, the market, unfortunately, determines what its worth.

If you are feeling stuck with your property that's up for sale, contact your real estate professional or contact Farlan Realty Inc, 905-462-8000 as my team and

I, Farah Langari can provide you with an up-to-date comparative market analysis, and honest pointers.

Always remember It can be difficult to be objective with your own home - especially where style and price are main concern - it’s important to try to see it from a buyer's perspective.


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