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About Neda Zamanian, Sales Representative

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Neda Zamanian

Sales Representative

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I, Neda Zamanian, am a sales-representative of Farlan Realty Inc, Brokerage with a particular focus on real estate transactions in Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan and Richmond Hill area.


"My perseverance and enthusiasm to my career enable my hard work, patience, and quality services to fulfill my client's needs. I have earned many awards and appreciation in the past 8 years, I've built my reputation and sales growth based on persistent performance, passion for sales, negotiation. My exceptional relation with my clients has made me gain relations of trust and best of all help them choose the best."


About Me...


My passion and experience as a sales representative,  has made me enjoy this career every day, as I feel I am doing what I am competent and passionate to do and worthy of. Creating great relationships with my clients, over years of experience I've come to understand buying or selling a property is probably the hardest emotional and financial decision one can make in a lifetime. In such transactions, the stakes are too high and it's your right to demand protection of your best interest. 


As your sales representative being part of Falan Realty Inc, I guarantee your best interest is my priority keeping you satisfied especially as First-time home buyers. Many of which that comes through transactional help, support and decision-making. Many times a real estate deal is a marathon which definitely requires such characteristics in addition to the trustworthiness, skills, and knowledge. 


As a representative of Farlan Realty Inc, my goal is to meet all your real estate needs and exceed your expectations by developing professional, honest and unique service. I share my best knowledge and exceptional experience working to provide informative advice, aspects relevant to your requirements representing you in a reliable investment as much as possible. 


I look forward to hearing from you!


If you are thinking about Buying or selling a property and would like a professional consultation, Please feel free to call me at 647-981-0775.



Thanks again for stopping by!


Languages: English, Farsi
Area Covered: Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill.
Experience: 8

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